Best Jobs for Ex-military Officers in Pakistan after retirement 

There is a number of companies, organizations, government ministries, private setup, and training institutes that love to hire the services of a retired army officer.In this article, I will highlight some important fields in which a retired army officer can try his luck and succeed in post-retirement life. I will talk about some best jobs for ex-military officers.


As you have served your country with zeal and passion, my first suggestion for you is to join any professional academy as a teacher. As an ex-military officer, you have led and taught your team in different fields and operations. So it is high time you can now teach the youth of your country. You have been a motivation for your soldier in the past, now is the time to transfer that motivation to the youth too. Many professional academies, universities, and colleges offer a decent salary for ex-military officers, so you can consider the teaching profession for yourself.

Defense analyst Jobs for Ex-military Officers

Another job to be considered for an ex-military officer is to become a defense analyst. You are the one who knows, and everything about defense as your background belongs to an institute where defense is their main purpose. You can work with the defense analysis institute or as a columnist in the newspaper. Many media outlets give a handy amount of royalties by appearing in their talk shows.

Working with government:

If you have served in Army as a general, then doors of government ministries are open for you. Government always wants to hire a competent military officer, whether as an assistant or as an advisor to different ministries. Being an ex-military officer is a big advantage for you because the government will give you priority over other people on such posts related to the defense and security of the country. You will be able to ride the gravy train even after your retirement from Army.

Cyber-security Jobs for Ex-military Officers

There are several routes to get into a cyber-security company. If you have worked in Signal Corp or Track and Trace Company in Army, you are capable of joining any cyber-security company. It is a job you can do easily with your full aptitude because cyber-security is the ability you acquired during your service.

Construction companies: 

Almost in every country, ex-military officers are welcomed to construction companies. If we talk about Pakistan, the best job for an ex-military officer is to join Frontier Work Organization (FWO) after his retirement. Similarly, every country has its own construction companies, and they too want to hire competent retired military officers and personnel for different posts.

Program manager:

Many industries, commercial banks, and private companies love to hire ex-military officers for the managerial post. You are familiar with managing projects and contracts, so it is good for you to join a company and provide your services to it.

Human Resource Manager:

Army life is all about discipline, and a well-disciplined Human Resource Manager is always welcomed to any organization in the country. Managing battalion, unit, and brigade are something you had to do in the Army; why no to do it in private companies too? All you need is to utilize your vast experience and enjoy a lucrative package and benefits.

Intelligence agencies Jobs for Ex-military Officers

Intelligence agencies always prefer those who have a background history of serving in the Army. As you, too, have served in Army and know both pros and cons of different sensitive issues related to national sovereignty, so you will be given priority over others if you want to join any intelligence agency.

Medical profession:

If you were serving in the military in Medical Corp and know you are sitting on a balcony and just killing time, I assure you that you are wasting your precious asset. An adept doctor never retires, and you must consider that aspect too that humanity needs you. You can start your personal practice or can join a private hospital where you can become a ray of hope for the hopeless people.

Logistics expert: 

There are corporations that want to hire logistics experts for their company to figure out their logistics nightmare. It is for sure that they give priority to ex-military officers because the military has to have logistics experts in moving the amount of personnel, equipment, and vehicles. It is a burning question why they opt for military officers. The answer is simple. Army logistics experts know exactly about the risk factor, and that is why companies love to hire such experts for their logistical duties.

Serve humanity:

You served your nation with dignity and honor during your service in Army. That’s good, but why not go a step ahead and serve the downtrodden, poor, and lower-class of your country? You guess it right. I am talking about philanthropy, charity, and aid. If you retired as a notable officer and the public knows you, then you can start your own charity program. Make schools for the poor people of society. Collect charity and aid for widows and orphans.


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