Best Jobs for Females in Pakistan in various sectors in 2021

Before we move towards other things, I would like to make it clear that I don’t belong to that school of thought who thinks females can’t do everything. I firmly believe in the strength and passion of females. However, people and a huge segment of females think that females are vulnerable to hard work-especially working under scorching heat or work that requires risk. So I decided to provide appropriate and analyzed data to those females who think they can’t do the arduous jobs as many females think so. Also, in this blog, I will talk about the best jobs for females in Pakistan. I have organized data in the following chunks. Read the blog till the end, and I am sure you will find it worth reading.

Medical profession

The Medical profession is the one highly sought-after job for females. Females, by birth, are empathetic, and the medical profession requires that passion in one’s heart. Every year hundreds of females pass medical entry tests and join renowned medical universities, which pave the way for becoming successful doctors in the future.

If you didn’t make it to a medical university, then there are several other fields too related to the medical profession. You can try your luck in nursing, LHV, pharmacy, DBA, and several other short courses which can later lead you to a successful professional life.

Education as a profession

You can join the education profession after acquiring the required eligibility criteria. Believe me, and it is a profession of honour and dignity. You can become a lecturer in a university or can join a higher secondary school as a teacher, but it depends on your qualification. Teaching is an easy and safe job for females because there is no such risk involved, and you can enjoy 5 hours of duty a day with a lot of vacations.

Competitive exams

The trend is changing, and many more girls are making it into civil services. Competitive exams are high-objective, and one can pass them with consistency, hard work, and personal commitment. But that is for sure that your hard work will pay off, and once you make it to the civil services, you will enjoy the real taste of authority and prestige.

Armed forces jobs for females

the era is ended when only men were supposed to join the armed forces. In Pakistan, armed forces are now welcoming women in almost all fields. In the past, women were supposed to join armed forces as a doctor or somehow engineer, but nowadays there is no such tradition. You can go o any of the armed forces fields, whether it is medical, engineering, logistics, air defence, GD pilot, signal, or even ground combat forces. The pride you will carry while wearing your uniform will be something you just can imagine.

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Judiciary jobs for females

Several female advocates and judges are working in the judiciary and thriving in their careers. You, too can become a good judge or an advocate if you are considering this field for the future. There are multifold benefits of working as a judge or as an advocate. You can become a full-time lawyer or judge and can teach in any university or in college too in your spare time. Also, you can appear on television or write for different newspapers too and can earn fame, wealth, and grace at the same time.


Girls in our country normally don’t like to switch on the television and watch talk shows on news channels. However, if you are not like them and you think you have a keen interest in current affairs and politics, then you must study mass communication. There are numerous media houses where you can work as an anchor or newscaster. You can create your own YouTube channel where you will analyze your personal opinions on contemporary issues and can interview different politicians and celebrities.


Several banking sectors in our country have been running for years, and they offer a handsome amount of salary to their employees. If you have acquired a degree in BBA, MBA, M.Com, B.Com, CA, or ACCA, then you can join any bank and can perform your degree in your relevant field.

Social worker jobs for females

You can become a social worker and can work for the betterment of your society’s downtrodden people. If you can raise a voice for their rights, believe me, there is no better profession than this because humanity comes first. You can work for non-government organizations that you think are for the need of the hour for your society.


Everyone likes to become an entrepreneur and earn money and fame. This word is nowadays a hot topic. You are not an exception. Learn different short courses like graphics designing, video editing, content writing, and not but not least earning through YouTube channel. You can select any appropriate content which you can upload on your YouTube channel.

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