7 Digital Skills that make you Instantly Employable 

The 21st century has brought numerous changes in our daily life. The technology revolution is one of them. People with digital skills have bright chances to get employable than those with no digital skills. In today’s world, only a degree is not enough to give you a job. You have to learn digital skills too. There are hundreds of digital skills and, with each passing day, new skills are introducing in the market. Every company is now relying on online marketing for its products and services. Therefore, companies prefer those candidates who are adept in digital skills. The point is which skill you must learn to get instantly employable.

1) Learn social media management as digital skills

Almost all companies are now providing their services online. They are advertising their products on different social media platforms. And why don’t they do because approximately 2.8 billion people have access to social media? So every fresh graduate must learn social media management. What makes social media management a sought-after skill is the wide use of social media across the globe. So, that’s why companies want their employees to reach out to clients through social media and drive the customer’s attention to their products and services.

2) Search Engine Marketing as digital skills:

Search engine marketing (SEM) is one of the effective tools that online selling companies can trust. According to a recent report, about six and half billion results are carried out on different search engines each day. Google is the widest search engine globally and is driving 77% of the traffic towards itself. Those who are experts in SEM will raise the company’s website more visible on search engines, i.e., Google.

SEM is such an influential discipline. If one utilizes it in the right direction, he will capture a big chunk of the 6.5 billion search traffic results. That is why companies are investing more in content writers, content creators, advertisement campaigners, and webmasters because they want to drive traffic to their websites as much as possible. So, in a nutshell, I can say everyone needs to learn SEM because it has a high scope and will help you get instantly employable.

3) Pay-per-click marketing (PPC):

Almost every company, organization, firm, and institute wants to advertise its services and products on its website. They also want their products and services to appear first on Google’s search page. It is a fruitful technique to explore the products and services of your company to customers. It also helps in seeking the attention of the customers. The problem occurs when the company’s products do not appear on the first page of Google. Here comes the role of PPC. Pay-per-click (PPC) is the most popular technique to drive traffic to your website and make your wares most search products on Google. There is so many PPC advertising model but, the popular one is Google’s own Ads program. Every fresh graduate needs to learn PPC marketing skills.

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4) Content Marketing as digital skills

Nowadays, every company is trying to explore its business by content. Contents are variable. It may be in the form of a blog, article, short video, podcast, or even newsletters. If you want to get instantly employable, then you must learn content marketing. It is not necessary to be an expert in all types of content marketing. Just adept yourself in two or three branches of content marketing and get a job instantly.

5) Video:

From being a form of entertainment on different social media platforms to a social media content driver, video evolved significantly over time. Almost 90% of the teenager and Millennial are using Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Weibo, WeChat, TikTok, and many more entertainment applications on daily basis. A small video can play a vital role in driving their attention towards a specific product or service. The reason is simple. A video as content is a gentle way to convey a company’s message than a wordy article or blog.

6) Social selling:

Social selling is becoming prudent for sellers. A recent survey concluded that about 90% of top salespeople use social selling tools for their selling. Social selling tools are becoming more important for job seekers, and companies prefer those already skilled in social selling.

7) E-mail: 

E-mail is the most trusted, tested, and tried method to reach out to customers. It is one of the ancient methods of direct marketing. The use of e-mail is not as easy as you are thinking. It is an art in itself. From small companies to multi-national corporations, e-mail has proved its worth.


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