Dress Code for Job Interview in Pakistan for male and female

The dress code is something that really matters when you appear in an interview. The main reason behind the importance of an interview is when you are entering in the interview room, the first impact you leave on the interviewer is your dressing. If you are dressed well and properly, there is a bright chance that the interviewer will show a keen interest in you.

The first thing you should remember while going for a job interview is the nature of your job. There are certain requirements and specific criteria for dressing for different jobs interview. If you are going to appear in an interview in a private company, your dress code requirements will be different. However, in the government sector, the national dress is also acceptable. In our country, Pakistan, the dress code for males and females is different. So in both setups, gender factor is also something you must keep in your mind.

I will make it clear to you what you should wear and what you must avoid for appearing in a job interview. Also, in separate sections of this article, I will make it completely clear to you the different dress codes for males and females. So keep on reading, and I assure you will explore something new which will help you to impress your interviewer, and eventually he/she will end up giving you a job.

General guidelines:

Before we move towards the dress code for a job interview in Pakistan, there are some general guidelines practicing all over the world. So I want to give you a glimpse of these general guidelines too what you should do before appearing in an interview.

  • Your dress should be clean and properly pressed.
  • The dress you wear must be normal, i.e., not too tight nor too loose.
  • Balance your beard and comb it properly. If you are a shaved person, then shave it before coming for the interview.
  • Comb your hair
  • Brush your teeth properly.
  • A nice perfume will polish up your personality. To apply perfume but make sure that perfume aroma is not annoying the interviewer in the room.

Dress code for a male job interview in Pakistan

Your dressing is the deflection of your personality. According to experts, dressing is something that can incite others to give you proper attention. We dress up every day, but some occasions require our proper attention. The interview is one of those occasions that is capable of dragging our attention towards it.

As we discussed earlier, the dress code for males in Pakistan is varying depending on the nature of your job. If you appear in an interview related to the government sector, you can opt between a pent dress shirt and shalwar kameez. Dress pants shirt is an all-weather dress, and you can wear it anywhere in the world. It doesn’t even matter in which sector you are going to appear in an interview. Choose a light color shirt and make sure that your shirt is properly tucked in. A leather belt is mandatory, and it must be tied to your waist. You can also wear a decent coat with proper dressing sense. If you want to leave more impact on the interviewer, then wear a tie-on high collar shirt. Avoid jeans, a t-shirt and a shirt with a picture or writing on it. The next thing I am going to discuss is dress shoes. Wear formal dress shoes and avoid joggers and sandals. Formal black or brown shoes are highly recommended.

Shalwar Kameez

As far as Shalwar kameez is concerned, you don’t need to be reluctant to wear shalwar kameez while appearing in an interview. A light color shalwar kameez with a nice waistcoat is good and can polish up your personality, but some factors need to be addressed. If you are going to appear in an interview in the private sector, then I will recommend you to avoid shalwar kameez.

However, if you appear in an interview that is supposed to be related to government setup, then you can wear shalwar kameez too. You need to keep in mind that your dress is of one color and is pressed properly. Another factor is some people are skinny, and some have small heights, so shalwar kameez will not suit them. However, if your height is good with a healthy body, then I will encourage you to wear it with a decent waistcoat. Choose a light color dress and present yourself with full confidence.

Dress code for a female job interview in Pakistan

Being a woman, you become too sensitive about your attire, especially when you are going to appear in an interview. To solve your dilemma about the dress code, I brought some simple and useful tips for you.

You need to wear a full sleeves shirt or kameez. I will recommend the shalwar kameez as it is worn normally wherever you go in Pakistan. Keep in mind that your shalwar kameez is not too tight nor too loose. I prefer dark colors and assure you that your dress is not as a bridal party dress. You can wear a pent shirt too, but it depends on the requirements of the company you have applied for a job in. next in the queue is your shoes or sandal. Try not to wear heels that sound annoying. You must wear makeup, but it must be light.

I am sure by following the above tips you can present yourself better than others in the interview and so can leave a huge impact on the interviewer. For further information about jobs advertisement, kindly do visit pakistanjobz.pk




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