Good English Skills and Best opportunities for People

English is an international language, and it can fit in every country. People with good English skills are never left unemployed. They are the sought-after people for most of the jobs, and their demand never gets dim. There are so many best jobs for people who are skilled in the English language. They can consider the following jobs as a career.

Content writing:

With the innovation of freelancing, many people in the world move towards content writing. Content writing is a field of immense variety. People with good English skills can try their luck in this field and earn more money than any other job. Countless companies hire employees to promote their products and services through blogs, articles, columns, and advertisement campaigns. Since English is a worldwide communication language, that’s why people with good English skills can pursue content writing as their career.


The field of literature is not only for those who have a specialized degree in English literature. Anyone with a creative mind and good English skills can use their skills in different aspects. They can write novels, dramas, poetry, and speeches and earn respect, grace, fame, and wealth like other successful people. One thing to be added here is literature is an arduous job, and it requires commitment, time, and persistency only then people can succeed in it.

Media houses and Enflish skills

Media houses are the best place for people adept in the English language. Journalists and reporters always need someone who can compile news stories and reports in the English language. Withal, different news agencies hire the services of people who have command over the English language. They offer them a lucrative salary with benefits. For someone skilled in English, media houses and news agencies are always open to hiring him.


Editors in a company have to oversee materials for publication. Editors can supervise books, magazines, columns, blogs, articles, and editorials. He is not confined to news agencies only. He can work in every such company that is related to publications and written content. A good editor needs to have full knowledge of English grammar and writing styles. Also, he needs to have full command over the English vocabulary because editing someone’s writing is not an easy job. One must be fully aware of the nature of the words and also the appropriate use of the words.

Education and English skills

If someone is skilled in the English language, he will never run out of jobs. In every corner of the world, people want to speak English, but not everyone knows how to improve their English skills. From the Gulf States to Latin America, there is a high scope for English tutors. That’s why I would suggest the field of education to the people skilled in English. They can join any educational institute as an English teacher or language consultant anywhere in the world and earn grace and money through it.

English language translator: 

Different NGOs are running across the world, and they use the English language for communication and English skills. However, when they are in a country where the English language is not perceived by the majority, they hire a translator. In our country, Pakistan, the average monthly wages for an average translator is PKR 70,000. Higher the caliber of the organization, the more money they offered.

Communication officer and English skills

Every organization has a communication officer. The work of the communication officer is to promote the agenda of his organization. For that purpose, he plans, creates, and distributes content to promote awareness of the organization, company, or government institute. A communication officer can earn more money than many other employees of the organization, but first, he has to acquire full command of the English language.

Media Manager of celebrities:

This field is getting attention day by day. Politicians, business tycoons, showbiz celebrities, sports players, and journalists love to have a manager who can oversee their routine schedule. They also expect their manager to run their social media accounts and interact with people. For this post, they prefer those who can write and speak good English. Being a media manager is an easy job, but it needs high communication skills with good English. One can offer his services to many celebrities at a time and can get paid by many people.

Lawyer has Good English Skills

A legion of lawyers is there in our country and so in the world. Obtaining a law degree is easy but succeeding as a lawyer is not easy. There are some aptitudes for a good lawyer. The first one is he should know every aspect of his country’s constitution. Also, he must have good convincing power. Apart from that, if he wants to become a prominent figure in advocacy worldwide, he must have fluency in the English language.


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