Government Jobs versus Private Jobs: What is better in Pakistan?

I will debate both the pros and cons of government jobs and private jobs. After reading it, you will understand which one is better and which sector is good to pursue in the future in Pakistan.

It is a never-ending debate to figure out which sector-government sector or private sector- jobs are better in Pakistan. There is a certain phenomenon behind this debate, which makes this debate even more complex than before. Both sectors provide advantages and some limitations of their own. Both sectors have their benefits and some stressful working-condition.

Advantages of government jobs: 

There are several advantages of government jobs. I will depict some of it below.

A matter of future security:

A plus and important point for any job doer is job security that you will not lose your job by any good or bad event. Normally, we call it job security. Job security is something provided only in government sectors. This helps employees to have a secure future so that they can work calmly with no uncertainty. It’s tough to get a government job in Pakistan because of the immense unemployment ratio of youth, but if you make it to any government sector, your future is secure.

Benefits and compensation of government jobs:

One of the biggest advantages of a government job is the benefits provided to you by the government. In addition to the monthly salary, the government jobs present a lot more in the shape of medical allowance, residential allowance, TADA allowance, increments, and specific raise in basic pay in every fiscal year budget stipulated in government policies.

Pension and provident funds:

Every person in the world worry about post-retirement life, but government servant worries less than others. The reason is government jobs offer provident funds, and that is, of course, a handsome amount. There is also a traditional practice of giving pensions to retire government job holders so you can enjoy a more lucrative life after your retirement.

Administrative powers:

Power, authority and command is something human by nature loves the most. You can gain these aptitudes through serving in a government setup.

Future of your children in government jobs

Government jobs secure your future, and in many government institutes, they provide the best education for your children, too, with a meager amount of tuition fees. In case of your demise during your service, your children will be given preference while hiring someone for the job.

Professional and non-professional services:

It is also mandatory to mention that in all types of national and welfare programs government gives preference to its employees. These schemes may contain loans with low-interest rates, home allotment, hajj and umrah package, and manifold other programs.

Disadvantages of government jobs:

There are some, though little, disadvantages of government jobs too. First in the list is you have to wait for your promotion even if you are working second to none. There is a specific time period in which you will be promoted, and before it, it is not possible to acquire your position. Second, you can’t become a tycoon in a government setup because your salary is fixed, unlike the private sector in which an employee enjoys a lucrative compensation for his services.

Advantages of private jobs:

As we have done with the debate of government jobs, now is the time to summarize the advantages of holding a private job.

Dual duty:

Many people love to work in a private setup. The reason is they are not bound to work only with one firm or organization. They can work in other companies too in their spare time. If they are fed up or fired from one company, they fly to another because of their flexibility during their jobs.

Rewards on time:

Private jobs are all about performance. If you perform well, you are rewarded with a bonus or a hike in your salary. Best private companies often reward their best employees with foreign tours too.

Disadvantages of private jobs:

The list may fell short because there are manifold disadvantages of private jobs.


The main loophole in private jobs is uncertainty about your future. No one can assure you of your job security in a private setup.

Dubiety about compensation:

There is no such law and order situation in private jobs. There is no guarantee that you will be rewarded if you complete your task on time or work more than your strength. It all depends on the mood of your boss.

An obscure life: 

You may acquire the post of supervisor, manager, or even general manager through hard work in a private company, but nobody outside your office will know you. So remote jobs can give you money but power, authority, and command are aptitudes of government jobs.


The aforementioned arguments depict well that government jobs are better than private ones, and you must try to get a government job. Nonetheless, if you are interested in private jobs, then go for it. For further information about the announcement of employment in government or private sector, kindly do visit



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