Today I will give you tips to be a blogger, a good blogger, and have the necessary values ​​and clear things so that everything is easier for you. Let’s go there!

The most important thing and what brings the most value to a blog: The Content First of all, I think the most important thing about a project, a blog or a website, is the content.

If your content does not have quality, it is not well written and you do not know how to reach your audience, in the end you will not get the most important thing from a blog which is transmit and share information of interest to those people who need this type of information.

3 Things you should be clear about and know to improve the content of your blog:

  1. What are you going to share and transmit?
  2. How are you going to share and transmit it?
  3. Provide something of value to your readers and your readers.

Blog content is king, that’s totally real. It is the most important thing in a blogger and in a project. It is what you contribute and what you share.

How often should I post on my blog?

The content of your blog can be published on a regular basis and it is the most recommended but you do not need to publish a lot of articles per month. My recommendation is one article a week, no more and no less. We need some regularity but if we publish more …

What is the point? 

We don’t want to burden anyone. In reality, a person has many e-mails to read throughout the week. A lot of content to read and so we give that person time to find out that we have published a new article, read it and the following week we will have new quality content.

Sometimes I find blogs that want to publish like daily or two posts a week. This seems too much to me. If you have content to spare, because you are productive, you can schedule it and that’s it. Better for you, right?

Design is the second most important thing in a blog

Because the design distracts the reader. Design falls in love. The design represents, the image represents. Therefore, the images you share in your posts are super important because they are related and convey a lot.

So, both the image you share in your post, as well as the general image of your entire blog, your entire website and your project, (the colour palette, the logo, the name) all that will create a meaning.

All of this will create a kind of harmony that will make the reader feel closer to you, and she will understand much better everything you share and will feel more identified. For me design is an essential pillar to consider.

As I always say, if you can’t handle the design, you can trust someone who can do it.

Personally, I offer web design services, mentoring for entrepreneurs and we sell templates, but you can also do it in other ways if you have some kind of knowledge or look for a person you like for this topic.

On the other hand, there is the structure, which is a bit part of my work. For example, the fact of configuring an entry in a structured way.

I speak it a lot with clients and clients, who need to create a structure in the design of their blog and organize their content well because it is very important because otherwise the reader is lost and cannot take advantage of all the value we have on our blog.

In the end, the reader only reads the latest articles and that is not what we want.

What we want is for him to go from one to another and to absorb all the information that we have shared, that he contributes, because that is what in the end hooks our followers. This causes more time on our blog, more visits and more authority.

If what we have in mind is to monetize and earn money with our blog or website, gaining loyal readers who trust what we share is very important.

And now comes the third point and the one that you like the least, which is:

How to gain visibility with your blog

SEO on your blog is a fundamental part of reaching more people? Yes, SEO is essential, I am sorry but it is essential because it is nothing more than good practices of what it is to be a Blogger.

SEO helps you to structure your content well, to write properly and to display your content more coherently. In addition to positioning yourself in good search results on Google.

When you understand what SEO is and know how it works, it seems much easier and everything has much more coherence.

What is it that so many people hate SEO? That we find so much information on the net, but so much so, that in the end what we actually do is lose ourselves and say “This is a bummer, I have to attend to a lot of things.” In addition, there are many myths and false information.

Well, let’s not say if we start to read things that ‘Blogger is not prepared for SEO’, that ‘WordPress is better’ etc. etc.

It does not matter which platform you use, the fact is that you have to know and understand a little desire So that you can apply SEO in a natural way, that is essential, not because of the SEO itself, but because of the visibility, which is the third point, which includes SEO and social networks.

What we have to carry out to apply SEO on our blog is what I talk about in a post that I have very complete and very simple in which I basically explain all the knowledge you have to know about SEO that will help you and what they are the essential basics and that much more is not necessary at first, in a first stage.

In the post of the previous link you will find the bases of what you must do to get a lot of love from Google, a lot of love.

Spread content on social networks on Blogs

Another way to give visibility to our blogger is through social networks that are essential because we must spread our content. This is essential so that you have more visibility.

We should publish and share our content on those social networks where our content is a star. Depending on the theme you work on, there will be an ideal social network for you as the main one and then some secondary ones.

You don’t have to have a lot of social networks.

I only recommend two and that those two works very well. If it turns out that you have one and you work spectacularly then that is enough, but you do not have to overwhelm yourself with a lot of social networks and share every day.

I mean to share every day on all social networks because it is true that there are social networks that demand more than others. But we will talk more about this in another post.

Once you have all this worked you can see how to make money with your blog. Until here today’s post.

I have been asked and suggested to talk about how to get ideas to create our content and I will talk about that in the next post, and then about social networks.

How about? Leave your questions and suggestions in comments to continue creating content of interest to you.

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