Job and a Career-How to Turn a Job Into a Career

Almost every adult starts post-education life with a job, but only a few can turn their first job into a career. There is a massive difference between a job and a career. A job is something you do to earn money to fulfill your basic needs. It can be for a particular time, part-time or even full-time. But you do it to support your family or meet your basic needs. One more aspect of a job is you may do it unwillingly because of compulsion. Compulsions are many as it can be in the form of unemployment in your country or due to some family pressure, you give up your dreams and starts doing a job.

However, a career revolves around your ambitions and goals. You embark upon a vocation on your wish. You have strategies in mind, and you have already weighed the pros and cons of the concerned field you wish to join. A career contains a dream salary, personal satisfaction, work pride, and high rank. It also includes post-retirement plans, pensions, and family benefits.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to start his professional life with a “career.” But here is a remedy for you. You can turn your current job into a career by following the following steps.

Explore yourself:

If you stick around with the same practices, you will never get what you desire. The best way to turn your current job into a career is by exploring yourself. When you attend different seminars, workshops, conferences, and social events, you expand your network. It resulted in exploring yourself. I recommend you attend every workshop, even if it’s slightly related to your current job. It will help you in making your plan.

Consult a mentor:

We, humans, need a mentor or “guru” at every crucial stage. If you face difficulties with your current job and are in a dire state of turning it into your career, you need to consult someone who could guide you. The guidance of a true mentor will pave the way for your bright future. But you have to be more selective while selecting a mentor because the world is full of fake mentors. Some of them have no personal achievements in life. They are just using rhetoric and seeking the attention of the people. Take advice from those who are adept in career counselling. After getting a mentor, follow his guidelines and turn your job into a career.

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Believe in learning: 

One of the best things which people often neglect is learning. People think they have already acquired a certain degree, and there is no need for further learning. This mindset curtails their thriving in life. They want the best career in life, but they never strive for learning and developing. You need to enhance your knowledge so that you can face contemporary challenges.

The degree you acquired may have no scope today, but with the help of new skills, you can enhance your position at the job place. Learning has many advantages. It makes you realize that your current situation is not your final destination. Continue learning motivates you to overcome your faults. It also polishes your natural abilities.


Let’s assume there is a person called Mr. John. John’s dream job is to work as a content writer for a multi-national company and pursue it as a career in the future, but he has no idea how to write a proper blog and article. The irony is he is working as a waiter in a hotel. Now, we will get out of the assumption, and I will ask a question from you, “Is he in a position to pursue his dream?” if yes, then how? Of course, you have your answer, but my answer will set manure for Mr John and for the readers too. Mr John needs to apply for an internship in a company. Even if it is unpaid, he needs to get a beneficiary from the opportunity.

An internship helps a lot in giving you a new skill. Many people start from zero, but they develop specific skills and knowledge by working in a company. They don’t care about the salaries or wages. Their interest is in skills. Whenever they get the required skills, they move on and start their journey towards a bright future.

Hard work never went in vain:

Lastly, you need to believe in the mantra that hard work pays off. There is no shortcut to success. Just perform what you are capable of and motivate yourself by achieving short-term goals. That’s how you can turn your job into your career. So, always believe in yourself and go for it. A bright future is waiting for you.


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