1. Impact of Social Media on Youth

What is Social Media?

Social Media is a computer-based facility that allows users to share their thoughts, ideas and information via a virtual network.

Moreover, it provides users with a quick communication to share information via the internet.

Social media sites give easy and convenient access to the web via desktop applications, smartphones and other electronic devices.

According to sources, there are a total of 47.5 million social media users in Pakistan, the majority being the youth.

Subsequently, referring to the statistics provided by the stat counter, Facebook is the most used social media website contributing to 92.05% users.

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Why is there an increasing trend of social media usage among youth?

Due to globalization, there has been a growing trend of social media usage, especially among the youth of Pakistan.

There are various reasons which have been contributing to this trend in youngsters, discussed as follows:

  • University students use social media for educational purposes as they aid to take help from the internet for their assignments and projects, respectively. In addition, it allows them to share their knowledge and even seek online assistance if required to ensure quality work.
  • Another common reason is that students tend to socialize with each other online to make new friends and widen their social circle.
  • Since a couple of years, there has been an increasing peer pressure among youth to have their self-identity online to be able to know about the latest trends and know about the people around them.
  • Moreover, those students who have easy access to money are more inclined towards staying updated with the latest technology; therefore, the increase in social media usage is observed.
  • There has been an emphasis on staged marketing in which students are establishing their startups and are using the cheaper way of marketing, i.e. social media, which is playing a vital role in their life.
  • Youth find it relatively more convenient to access to information online irrespective of their geographical location rather than referring to books or journals.

Impact of Social Media on youth:

The use of social media has both negative and positive impacts on our youths today.

Although the whole community has been connected to the social media platforms, the youth is considered to be most fanatic of the online platform such that they use it during their classes and religious practices.

Hence, social media has both a negative and positive effect on the youth of Pakistan.

The negative impact of Social Media on youth:

There are various negative aspects of social media usage among youth, such as mental health issues. Students become self-conscious when they see the people around them doing better than them and more successful hence, can lead them to depression and illness.

Additionally, there has been a lot of cases reporting against cyberbullying, which again, results in an individual to suffer from depression.

Moreover, excessive use of social media can cause hindrance in the future goals of an individual as they would waste their time on browsing rather than focusing on their career and studies.

As a result, such students might be left behind being deviated from their career path and becoming unproductive. Since a couple of years, debating on social issues online has been a common trend among youth which can lead to conflicts arising violence as people might have a difference of opinion.

The positive impact of Social Media on youth:

The factor that is considered as most impactful is communicating with friends and family. Those individuals who are living away from their families and friends can chat online with each other to stay in touch and share their life updates.

Subsequently, social media provides escape from reality into a different world of technology where everyone has the option to show the part of their life that they appreciate and are proud of.

Social media has widened the job market as youth can indulge in such money-making jobs by working online. This trend has been popular among individuals amidst coronavirus pandemic, which allowed them to earn money by working from home.

Concluding this, it depends on the usage of social media by an individual to deduce the impact social media has on youth. If one is aware of its correct usage, he can benefit a lot from it whereas; on the other hand, those who misuse it can put themselves into trouble.

Therefore, parents should advise their children on its proper usage so that it does not harm their health. Furthermore, the educational curriculum should be updated such that, social media becomes vital in its disciplines to prevent its misuse among the youth.

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