Pakistan is considered to be the under developed country. Due to corona virus pandemic job market is saturated in Pakistan as well as globally. It has been one year that corona virus pandemic has destroyed the businesses of every individual. People around the world are still suffering.

But when we compare the global job market with Pakistan jobs, we see a very healthy number of ratios. Jobs in Pakistan are still in a very healthy position. The job market in Pakistan managed to stable itself on high note. We will analyze that how jobs in Pakistan were suffering during the COVID-19 times and what’s the current status of jobs in Pakistan.

There are a lot of latest jobs in Pakistan. In current scenario, after the current status of corona virus pandemic there are a lot of jobs opportunity in Pakistan and mostly in the big cities like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. CPEC has played a vital role in increasing the jobs in Pakistan.

The jobs requirements are different for different opportunities. During the economic fallout during the corona virus pandemic a lot of companies crashed which results in instability. Companies around Pakistan are now re hiring the staff. Government sector also put their ads for the jobs.

Jobs in Islamabad:

Islamabad is considered to be the diplomatic and business hub of Pakistan. The different ministries of Pakistan are here which means it automatically enhance the chances of jobs. There are multiple jobs in Islamabad.

  • NUST University is considered to be one of the high rated universities in Pakistan. NUST Jobs 2020 with dilapidated of all most fresh positions reported by National University of Science and Technology (NUST) in Islamabad. The National University of Science and Technology manages enlisting and recruiting of skilled people for different posts. The jobs positions are according to the qualification and all domicile holders can apply.
  • There are also jobs of content writing. This job is Islamabad based. Linker’s builders and developers are looking for a content writer who can create blogs and videos for digitization and publication.

Jobs in Baluchistan:

Baluchistan is considered one of the richest provinces in minerals; also Baluchistan is larger province of Pakistan while its population is not too much. So there are a lot of government jobs opportunities and for those jobs only Baluchistan domicile holders can apply.

  • Rural development and local government jobs is announced in 2021 in different areas of Baluchistan. In these jobs interested both male and female eligible candidates Can apply across the province.
  • He advocated general Quetta. Government of Baluchistan also looking for experienced and eligible candidates for different positions e.g. stenographer, clerk, junior clerk, court attendant, driver, LTV driver, HTV driver and niab qasid.


Jobs in Karachi

Karachi is biggest city of Pakistan. Karachi is economical back bone of Pakistan which generates 60% of tax of the whole country. It means that Karachi is an industrial hub and there is a lot of industries in Karachi, which means there is a lot of jobs opportunities in government sector also in private sector.

  • In government sector general sector and coordination department Sindh is looking for senior member of Sindh revenue board (SRB)
  • In private sector there are different empty posts for which different companies are hiring there staff e.g. Sana logistics are looking for maintenances engineers, IT executive, maintenances supervisor, marketing specialist, order booker, sales analyst, ware house operator . There are many more different companies looking for different staff members.

Jobs in Lahore

Lahore is the provincial capital of the largest province of the country Punjab and second biggest city of the country which also generate a huge amount of revenue of whole country. There are different jobs opportunities in Lahore both in government and private sector, for government sector jobs only Punjab domicile holders can apply while in private sector people from across the country can apply.

  • In government sector livestock department looking for disable person as a cattle attendant, while tourism and culture department are hiring experience and eligible candidates for field supervisor.
  • In private sector there are teaching jobs for different levels e.g. primary teacher, secondary teacher, subject’s teacher and Montessori teacher, both for male and females. Apart from that there are part time jobs in private sector also many other companies hiring staff for different position for full time jobs.

Jobs in Faisalabad

Faisalabad is the third largest city of Pakistan. Faisalabad is rich city in export of textiles, furniture and starch. In Faisalabad larger textile industries are located which provide a lot of jobs opportunities for people across the country for different posts.

  • In government sector Faisalabad waste management company is looking for experienced and eligible people for the post of assistant manager admin for which only Punjab domicile holders can apply.
  • In private sector there are many companies which are looking for their staff members on different posts e.g. fabrics Export Company is announced vacancies for the post of assistant manager, PPC officer. Nutri factor Company is also looking for their staff members both male and female.

Jobs in Peshawar

Peshawar is the sixth largest city of Pakistan and it is the provincial capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This city provides jobs to many Pakistani nationals from across the country. There are jobs in government sector for which only KPK domicile holders can apply while in private sector all citizens of the country can apply.

  • In government sector KPK PO Box 59 Peshawar is looking for technician, medical officer, computer operator, rehabilitation officer, junior clerk and others. For these jobs only KPK domicile holders can apply. While government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is also looking for energetic and eligible candidates for the post of warden.
  • In private sectors many companies are hiring their staff for different posts in their departments. Many companies are looking for sales staff, office worker, telephone operator, clerk, helper, office boy and other staff.


Jobs in Pakistan is on high ratio but lot of people are un aware of it and due to lack of knowledge many posts are vacant or on many positions unqualified people are sitting and because of this companies are going in loss. So first we need to give to learn about what we are looking for and for what we are eligible.


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