What is the Kamyab Jawan Program?

Kamyab Jawan Program is an initiative taken by the PTI government to develop the socio economic status of the youth of Pakistan for betterment of their career goals.

It consists of a wide variety of initiatives and projects in the education sector that would improve the skills training, civic engagement as well as unleash their entrepreneurial skills.

Gateway to the program:

Pakistan is among those countries whose majority of the population consists of youth therefore, known as the youngest country around the globe Of the total population of Pakistan, around 68 percent are under the age of 30 and 32 percent lie between the ages of 15 to 29 years.

When the PTI government announced it agenda, it promised that the socio economic empowerment of our young generation at national and international level would be of top priority.

On federal level, the Post devolution Ministry of Youth Affairs was eradicated and shifted to the provinces.

As a result, there was no entity to raise voice for the problems that youth faced to fight for their rights.

Soon when the PTI government came to power, the Prime Minister Imran Khan set youth empowerment on national level as a core objective.

On acquiring the seat, Prime Minister Imran Khan made one center objective the most elevated need, for example youth strengthening on national level.

Remembering this, Prime Minister delegated Usman Dar as Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Youth Affairs and made a Youth Affairs wing under his own management in the Prime Minister’s Secretariat.

So as to achieve this vision of the Prime Minister, the SAPM set out on a monstrous discussion exchange process at nearby, commonplace, national and global level to comprehend the issues being looked by the young people of Pakistan and universal accepted procedures to determine them.

This procedure brought about the production of National Youth Development Framework (NYDF), created on the fundamental standards of 3Es: Education, Employment and Engagement.

Keeping these 3Es as indispensable concern, our legislature has structured an extensive program named “Executive’s Kamyab Jawan Program”.

For the absolute first time in Pakistan, through the foundation of PM Kamyab Jawan, the legislature has made chances to open the entryways of financial strengthening of youth.

Vision of the program:

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a prosperous and peaceful country that believes in high quality education, employment and greater engagement for its youth to excel.

Through a dynamic, integrated and sustainable legislation for pro youth, the institutions and programs can be easily set up.

Mission of the program:

By integrating young perspectives, voices and aspirations can lead to them gaining opportunities leading to developing processes and policies for a brighter future.


Following are the core values of Kamyab Jawan Program set by the Prime Minister, Imran Khan:

•Facilitate commonplace governments with their childhood centered arrangements and programs and fortify between legislative coordination for youth improvement.

•Promote open private organizations for innovative work, human asset improvement and mediations.

•Set supportive of youth automatic boundaries for community oriented organizations with worldwide advancement bodies.

•Promote programs concentrating on youth’s social strengthening, work, city commitment, mindfulness, entertainment, wellbeing and prosperity.

•Promote formal and non-formal training, specialized and professional abilities, computerized aptitudes, money related consideration, social enterprise and miniaturized scale business support for work and monetary strengthening of youth.

•Fulfill Pakistan’s worldwide duties through commitment of youth for accomplishing SDGs uncommonly identified with youth while concentrating on mainstreaming minimized youth gatherings.


There are various principles determined for the Kamyab Jawan program which can be divided as follows:


Create opportunities for young people to empower them in the process of decision making and recognize their representation in all spheres of life.


Youth as an influencer has equivalent worth and an offer in designated assets in this Framework, paying little heed to ethnicity, conviction, foundation or sex.


The different foundation and social characters are similarly esteemed and regarded at all level.

Enterprise & Creativity:

Youth are roused to apply imaginative, creative and venturesome methodologies for financial turn of events.


Resistance is empowered at all levels so as to dispose of strict, partisan, ethnic and political division.

Institutional Strengthening:

Facilities and support national provincial institutions for implementation of the Framework with pro- youth spirit.

Transparency & Accountability

Free and fair distribution of resources and holding institutions accountable for performances is ensured for program youth governance.

How to apply for Kamyab Jawan Program:

The Kamyab Jawan Program was propelled by Prime Minister Imran Khan as a joblessness substitute.

This arrangement offers money related and specialized help to people who are hoping to set up their organizations for an inventive item they may have been taking a shot at.

Inside 3 days going before the program dispatch, the Kamyab Jawan Program logged in excess of 200,000 applications from all over Pakistan.

Since lion’s share of the individuals is as yet confronting issues with the application procedure, this article goes about as a guide for finishing the application structure.

Programs being offered:

Prime Minister Imran Khan launched Kamyab Jawan Program to allow the young generation of Pakistan gets opportunities for their career development. Six important schemes were included in this program, details are mentioned bellow:

Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme (YES):

This program was launched to provide them with basic assets which would be transferred to the interest free loans to micro loans and thus, a small to medium based loans.

Green Youth Movement:

The Green Youth Movement is among the flagship initiatives under these programs. Moreover, the youth of Pakistan would be given small grants in order to bring eco innovative solution to minimize and tackle climatic and environmental crises such as agriculture, water conservation etc.

Jawan Markaz:

Under Jawan Markaz program, training would be given to students to start with their ideas and convert them into a business. This would allow them to get an incubation program and thus, graduate with excellent entrepreneurship skills.

National Internship Program:

National internship program established a clearer connection between the workplace and qualification to channelize the energy of educated youth. Providing them with the right direction and principles, this program would be a joint initiative of the universities, government and industry.

Startup Pakistan Program:

The applications for startup Pakistan program are closed but would reopen soon under the second.

Hunarmand Pakistan Program:

Second phase of Kamyab Jawan Program:

Usman Dar, special adviser on youth affairs to prime minister, Imran Khan stated that the youth to be able to acquire loans from the range, Rs. 100,000 to Rs. 25 Million for them to set up their organizations.

In addition, the value of unsecured loan has been increased from Rs. 500,000 to around 1 million rupees.

Moreover, he also announced that all of the Islamic banks will be involved in this program. Subsequently, to further finalize this, the state bank of Pakistan (SBP) dispatched letters to various commercial banks across the country.

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