6 Key Steps To Social Media marketing in pakistan


If you are keen on the idea of investing a handsome amount of money in social media marketing, then you are at the right place. The social media platform is the right place for the marketing of your business. With solid and consolidated steps, you can set up and expand your business overnight. Here are some steps you must and should take to become successful through social media marketing.


1: Set your goals

You must set your goals first because everything gets starts with a goal. If you are clear about your objectives, then you can proceed towards other things. But again, I will endorse you that first work with the goal in mind. Ask yourself some questions and find answers for them. There are some questions you must give heed to.

  • Is your business a business-to-business service or a business-to-consumer service?
  • Are you planning a long-term business, or would you rather like to put an advertisement on any platform of social media to make some rapid sales?
  • Do you desire to drive immense traffic to a certain website?

2: Find your customer on social media

When do you get to know your goal, then move towards your next step- who is your customer/client, and how to find them?

Once you come to know about your customer, then it is very easy to reach them at the right place and at the right time through social media. Here too, you should ask yourself some questions to find out who your audience is?

  • Is your customer/client is located locally? What about indigenous or worldwide?
  • Find out their gender and age because business it is possible that your business may be bound to a specific class of people.
  • What is your customer/client finds challenging?
  • What is the behavior of your customer?

3: Choose the right social media

When you are done with two steps, now is the time to select the right platform for successful social media marketing. There are several platforms that you can use to market your business, but first, you have to figure out the ground realities. For your services, I have figure out some famous social media platform and their advantages. It depends on you which one you should use while keeping in mind the nature of your business.


Facebook is a worldwide used social media forum with over 2.2 billion users. It is the essential platform for B2C. The benefits of Facebook are endless, and it can benefit you with endless advertisement.


Instagram is the best platform for highlights of your products or services and is also used for B2C.


The range of twitter is large as it can be used for both B2C and B2B. Twitter has a busy newsfeed and is constantly moving and refreshing every second, so the business community also called it a testing center. You need to feel free to reach out to your audience and also to successful contemporary businessmen.


LinkedIn is the number 1 platform for B2B. It has the most prominent professional online network. If you want to get success with social media marketing, then don’t take LinkedIn lightly. It will decide the fortune of your business.

4: Create your content for social media marketing

Content creation is the most creative part of your success with social media marketing. For B2B, you are writing articles, creating informational content, and making a video that will benefit your business in the long run. However, for B2C, your content may compose of your goods and services, expertise, and consultation. Give special attention to video marketing, and be careful that your video must be precise, explicit, and high quality with a soothing sound. It is also a fact that people often ignore long videos, so you have to keep that in mind too.

5: Be in touch with your audience

Your audience is the one who can optimize your business and give strength to your success with social media marketing. Always ask for suggestions from them. Reply to their comments and give them proper time to interact with them. Make sure that your social media business page is equipped with all the required information which can guide your audience in an easy way.

6: Post relevant content on social media

You can attract your audience by posting relevant content. It will build the confidence of your audience in your business. Your post must be relevant and up to the mark. When one of your posts drives huge traffic to your page, then take note of it and implement it in the future. If you find it hard to seek the attention of your audience, then change the technique. Ask from those who are successful in social media marketing. Evaluate your plans and find the loopholes where the problem actually lie.

By following the aforementioned vital steps, it is guaranteed that you will become successful in social media marketing.


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