Linkedin Profile tips For Business Owners

We are living in the 21st century, where every passing day brings new challenges to us. With the evolution of social media and the rapid developments in technology, one needs to heedfully towards every development. If you are running your own business, then this article is surely for you. It will help you how you should polish your LinkedIn profile to successfully run your business in broader aspects.

As you are a business owner, it means you are the face of the company. Your job is not only to sign payslips or behave like a boss. Your duty is to be a role model for your employees and a primary ambassador to the whole business community.

Being a business owner is an interesting post where you have to cultivate your own personal brand. If your employees perceive you as an authority, then you have to prove it to them as well.

One easy and the sophisticated way you can cultivate your authority is by ensuring that your LinkedIn profile is polished enough to cope with the contemporary challenges.

Here are some tips which you can follow to polish your LinkedIn profile.

Upload a decent profile photo:

According to LinkedIn, members with profile photos receive up to twenty-one times more profile views than those with no photos. So uploading a decent picture of yours will be your first step towards polishing your profile.


Your LinkedIn profile has a summary area. You can use that area to share your professional experience, reasons why you started your own business, the hurdles you faced and what you find special and meaningful about your industry, and what kind of connections you are anticipating to forge on LinkedIn. Use the summary portion for the broader spectrum i.e., be a little more jovial and friendly towards people.

Perk up your professional headline:

The most important search engine optimization (SEO) spot on your profile is a LinkedIn headline. Load this segment of your profile with keywords like Personal Branding etc., as the keywords will help you boost your profile.

Exhibit your services on linkedin: 

In this block right below your headline, you should display the services you offer. First, select the services you are adept at providing to people. This block also sets high on the web page, and it has good SEO-building energy, so you need to give proper attention to this portion.

Precise your work history:

Your LinkedIn work history section needs to be precise and up to the mark. It is a misconception that your LinkedIn work history is always fully complete. You do not need to mention every single firm or organization you have worked with. Better you should only mention your current status. It will help you in delivering your message because people take an interest only in your current position. So be precise, not explicit, about your work history.

Keywords matter:

The use of keywords plays a vital role in polishing your LinkedIn profile. So always give special attention to using keywords. People will discover you easily because of the keywords you have mentioned. Remember one thing; your keywords will define your status. A good businessman always thinks critically about the keywords because he/she will be easily discovered by those looking for specific skills or areas of expertise.

Complete contact-info:

Create easiness for people to get in touch with you and find you on a different platform. For example, provide them your different profiles on social media and be in contact with them. Similarly, you can insert any page on your website from the three websites you are allowed.

Always ask for suggestions and recommendation: 

Customer satisfaction is necessary for fostering your business. Your best customers, reliable marketer, and trusted partner can play an immense role in your industry. So always ask them for suggestions and recommendations while using LinkedIn. Please don’t be too shy to ask them. Always welcome their suggestions and make them feel you are taking their advice in a serious manner.

Fill every appropriate linkedin profile section: 

When there is more content in your profile, the more likely it is that your profile will contain more relevant keywords. Eventually, your profile will draw more traffic, and more people will visit your profile. I will suggest that you don’t ignore little-used sections like Publication, Projects, Certification, Patents, Honors, Languages, Awards, and Courses.

Build up your connection: 

LinkedIn suggests that members with more connections land higher in search than those with fewer connections. LinkedIn encourages you to make contact with people you don’t know. Many people hesitate to accept invitations from unknown people. That’s not good for your profile.


Be active on Linkedin profile: 

Give proper time to your LinkedIn profile. Make sure you are in touch with the people in the market. Join some relevant groups and prove that you are an active member and participant in your field.


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