How to Find Middle East Jobs with Highest Salary in 2021

The Middle East jobs are the primary focus of all individuals as it is a place home to millions of foreign labourers. In 2017, International Labor Organization (I.L.O.) carried research in which they estimated that only in Arab states, there are 23 million expatriates. Among them, more than 9 million were women migrant workers. These people came from almost all parts of the world, but the majority were Asian, especially South Asian.

A basic question rise what made the Middle East a sought-after place for jobs is the countries rich reservoirs of oil and gas. Though, many of the countries in the Middle East are now focusing on new development projects like Expo 2020 in U.A.E. and Saudi Arabia NEOM project. Qatar is also in the race to compete with neighbouring countries in development projects. FIFA 2022 is an example of it.

To run so many companies require labourers, and people are willingly going to the Middle East to seek a bright future there. If you are considering the Middle East to get a job with the highest salary in 2021, we are here to make your quest easy. After reading this blog, you will be able to find a suitable job in the Middle East with the highest salary in 2021. 

Skills, degree, and diploma for getting the highest salary job in the Middle East in 2021:

If you want to succeed in the Middle East, I will recommend you to learn technical skills. The reason for this recommendation is these countries require practical work from the worker. So, if you are good at any technical skills, you will get a deserving job because there is so much diversity of jobs in the Middle East.

There are some technical fields in which you can try your luck, but first, you have to be adept enough to face the challenges. Some skills and qualifications through which you can get the highest salary job in the Middle East in 2021 is electrical technician, driver, diploma or degree in hotel management, gardener, construction-related skills, experience in the real estate sector, a degree in business administration, a three years diploma in civil, electrical, mechanical or information technology.

If you are a Doctorate in any science subject, then you can join any education institute and earn money with honour and prestige. Medical consultants- doctors- medical technicians, nurses, and pharmacists are enjoying lucrative jobs in the Middle East, so you can grab hands on it too if you are a professional in any of the medical fields. Last but not least, a degree in petroleum engineering will give you a job which will be second to none in terms of salary.  

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Jobs portal for Middle East Jobs 

One of the most frequently asked questions is how to apply online for jobs in the Middle East/Arab countries. Starkly saying, it is too easy to apply online for any job. Numerous job portals post several advertisements on a daily basis. There are some job portals run by government authorities, while others are merely related to private sectors.

Job portals in U.A.E.:

Every country has its job portals that are responsible for advertising jobs. If you seek a job in U.A.E., there are some prominent and trustable sites where you can apply online without paying any fee. The government sector has its job portals like Federal Government job portals, Emirates Job Bank, Tawteen Gate, Abu Dhabi Government job portal, Dubai Careers, and R.A.K. Jobs. You can search for jobs on job portals like Bayt, NaukriGulf, MonsterGuf, Gulf News Careers, and Laimoon, but these portals are for the private sector. And fortunately, there is no fee or charge for registering on these job portals. However, if you want to get extra services- like one-to-one guidelines from an agent or broker- you have to pay for them.

Job Portals in Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia is home to millions of expatriates. They are earning their breed there and sending remittances back to their motherland. You can also make your future bright by securing a job in Saudi Arabia. Following are some job portals where you can apply for jobs.,,,, Aramco. Jobs, and are some of the prominent sites responsible for posting real job advertisements.

Job Portals in Qatar:,,,,,, Michael, and are some of the job portals famous for job advertisements.

Visa Procedure for Middle East Jobs 

Those who visited the Middle East once in life know that fact that a one-month tourist visa is enough to give you a job. After acquiring a tourist visa of any of the Middle East countries, you can drop your resume in many firms by hand.

Another procedure to get a high-salary job in the Middle East in 2021 is to get the services of an experienced and trusted agent. That agent will link you with an employer who will be your sponsor. The native word for the sponsor is “kafeel”. In some Middle East countries, you have to pay your kafeel on an annual basis because he is the one who holds your “iqamah”.


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