Our generation is spoiled with different choices and with multiple ways of earning money online from wherever you are.

Although the trend of online jobs is not high in Pakistan in recent years but in current year due to pandemic of coronavirus mostly people divert to online jobs in Pakistan to continue their income.

Mostly graduate students want to do online jobs because they do not have any opportunity or experience to join as government employee or private job due to unexpected conditions.

It is also the best opportunity for both government and private people to earn extra part from their salary they draw every month.

The best part of these online jobs is that you don’t need any investment and every kind of people men or women can do this job if they have better skills.

These home based online works is best especially for those mothers and women who want to become independent and raise their children and still earn an income without any investment and being in home.

Here are some legal methods through which you can earn a lot of money without any investment. The only thing you need to do is to have the better internet connection.

1 Online Job As Freelancer:

Freelancer is the oldest way that people choose to earn money and especially students are familiar with the term freelancer.

For this kind of job you only need a smart phone, laptop and an internet connection. A person who is a freelancer is self-employed and not works under affiliate employer.

A work of freelancer is that a person has some skills like content writing, video editing, graphic designing and many more options that he can do. Many companies hire freelancer.

Freelancer work with different organization but they are on contract basis, and not as a permanent.The main thing is that you have a good idea and skill.

A freelancer don’t need any investment to start their work you just need a good reference with companies or write on social media for the projects to be given you.

If you have a good references with companies they ask your skills and pitch you to the clients they have on board.

There are a large number of websites where you can find work according to the skills.

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One of the best ways to earn money online in Pakistan is blogging. It is the best online work especially for women and for the housewives who earn money and become independent.

You can start your blog or write for different websites. It’s up to you that how to start you’re earning.

But if you plan to start your blog you must have a good writing skills and good English communication skills.

To earn money while take care of their houses for women especially in India there are a large number of housewives who come out of poverty while writing blogs about fashion, cooking, motherhood, crafts and so many other topics they write about.

Start your blog with easiest topic and named it accordingly. But you can write continuously and share it with your family and with different groups. So you can check your performance you are writing often.

You can also share with different social media platforms until it goes viral and your blog start receiving traffic.

3  Data entry and Typing :

Data entry or typing jobs are one of the easiest jobs in all over the world. The best part of doing this job is that it has no age limit.

No investment is required for this job you just have a good internet connection and a smart phone, while you’re typing speed must be fast which is easy for today’s generation.

Data entry and typing jobs are taken as full time or part time to increase their monthly earning.

It’s mostly helping for young students who just complete their studies but have no experience for government or private job.

There are many websites through which we can get data entry work like fiverr, freelancer, Up work etc through these sites you can earn your income.

4 Youtube is another Way of Online Job:

YouTube is one of the best social media site for today’s generation. Many people in Pakistan are earning money from you tube.

They just need a good cell phone with good camera for shoots and a little knowledge of editing videos and pictures.

After the monetization of you tube in Pakistan People started their own channels to earn money from you tube.

Mainly it depends on your content if people like your content you will get a large number of views through you can earn a lot of money.

A you tuber need to get a large number of subscribers by posting vlogs or food videos on a regular basis.

A you tuber can earn more from their rivalry if their content and picture quality is much better than other you tubers.

It’s a good opportunity for women to get online job from you tube without any investment. Mostly you tubers upload their daily routine videos and increase their income.

As well as many organizations and now colleges are collaborate and in touch with good you tubers to promote their activities which helps both you tuber as well as organization to earn and promote their activities.

All of these professions are highly paid and are highly success rate.

If someone has a grip on this profession and has a good skill they can start online job without any investment and it’s a big opportunity for young students who complete their studies and want to earn money.

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