Public Service Commission

The public service commissions are present throughout, in every province of Pakistan to recruit new officers via CSS exams. Following is a detailed description of the public service commission of various provinces.

Federal Public Service Commission:

Federal Public Service Commission is a public service commission which was established in 1926 in British India. Soon after independence, it was set up in Pakistan and is still functioning under Article 242 of the constitution of Pakistan.

Under the 1973 rules of businesses and the 1978 FPSC regulation, it has acquired an autonomous position hence, working.

Moreover, the commission has given administrative authority along with financial autonomy to be able to function as an independent entity.

The FPSC consists of members and chairman who is appointed directly by the president of Pakistan whereas, the members are appointed through mutual consultation of the president and prime minister.

Furthermore, assistance is provided by the secretary who links with the government agencies, commission and the secretariat.

Subsequently, FPSC is a government authority which conducts the annual CSS exams. Moreover, it holds the CSS exams every year to accommodate and recruit for the positions of BS-17 and above.

Thousands of candidates give the test every year to test their fate to acquire the position of an officer.

Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Public Service Commission:

The public service commission of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa was set up under the 1973 constitution, article 242 and is functional since under the PSC ordinance of 1978.

In addition, under the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa ordinance of 1978 and the rules of the function of 1983, the commission performs various functions concerning the amendments:

  • Tests are conducted so that examiners can recruit:

The civil service position for the whole province with the connection to the affairs of the province based on the pay scales of Grade 16 and above/

  • Recruit an advisor to the governor:

With reference to the qualifications required and the method to recruit, the posts and services are added to the clauses of the act which the governor refers to select the perfect candidate.

Punjab Public Service Commission:

The Punjab Public Service Commission recommends and selects suitable candidates through merit who are well qualified, professional, competent and intelligent, therefore, can efficiently work as an advisor to the government.

They aim to establish a professional, competent and efficient public service to be able to meet the daily challenges faced. Moreover, PPSC strives to ensure functional independence, integrity, accountability and political neutrality.

Public Services Commission

It successfully upholds the policies, rules and guidelines for the selection process. After which, they develop the selection criteria to ensure equal and fair opportunities provided to all the candidates.

It renders advice to the Pakistan government of their recruitment process, policies and the selection criteria to hire the best fit.

It is mandatory to conduct exams and interviews to recruit officers for various departments so that they can advise the government on several matters or affairs.

Sindh Public Service Commission:

The major function that Sindh Public Service Commission plays is the task of processing the applicants, shortlisting them, conducting the exams after which the final interviews are held to confirm the individual.

Those candidates, who meet the criteria set by the different departments of Sindh, are selected and would be given the opportunity by the member in charge to explain their position in written and physical form thoroughly.

However, those who fail to meet the requirements of the government entity that he has been working in would have to appear before the commission.

In addition, action would be taken against such candidates once they fail to respond or appear in front of the commission.

Baluchistan Public Service Commission:

The Baluchistan Public Service Commission was established in 1973 once a joint commission between Sindh and Baluchistan was held to meet the needs of the civil services of Baluchistan.

Moreover, all the posts offered are in the quote of BPS-16 and above for a selection of new candidates.

Apart from the departmental examinations that take place, if the government desire, the commission might offer positions lower than BPS-16 to candidates selected to complete the target.

If the candidates meet the eligibility criteria, they appear in the written text, which consists of both subjective and objective papers.

Moreover, the passing marks depend upon the paper and form of examination taking place, and it is mandatory to acquire those marks to qualify. Once candidates pass the exam, only then they are called in for a viva.

Sources say that the commission is being computerized which would allow candidates to attempt their test online via computers which would ease the method of screening and shortlisting candidates through aptitude tests.


Azad Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission:

Since 50 years, Azad Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission is a constitutional institution which delivers its services in the respective region.

In order to select the best candidate, the institution informs both the candidates, overseas and Azad Jammu and Kashmir nationals.

Moreover, the website enlarges the reach of the candidates and can be accessed from various regions of Pakistan to compete for the civil service jobs available.

For the latest updates, their websites can be accessed to ensure that no detail is missed. All of these Public Service Commission’s allow candidates to try their luck for a secure government job.

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