Role of Schools in Promoting Cyber Security 


It is quite unfortunate that we didn’t heed much towards the importance of cyber security in the past, but now the trend is changing, and the experts of the cyber security fields are highlighting the role of schools in promoting cyber security.

A school is a place where a huge segment of society -teenagers- spend most of their time. In the modern world, almost 80% of the students have access to mobile phones and the internet. They spend most of their time browsing on the internet, using social media and different apps. With all the available facilities they have, it is important to guide them on how to use their gadgets. We have witnessed the disastrous outcomes of using the internet in the past due to the ignorance of parents and lack of adequate knowledge of the teachers about the safe and secure use of mobile phones and the internet. It resulted in the vulnerability of the students to modern threats.

Importance of Teaching Cyber Security in Schools

Online safety measurements:

Robust developments occurred in the last two decades especially in the IT sector has brought immense changes in our daily life. Normally, every student uses the internet on daily bases with no proper guidance and knowledge. They are unaware of the many hazardous threats looming on the internet. So, it is inevitable to teach them internet management in schools and make them competent enough to detect and avoid every scam while browsing the internet. Also, it is noteworthy that a well-trained kid can later guide his parents and siblings about the precautionary measurements one must consider while surfing the internet.

Cyber security is the need of the hour:

It is important to note that cyber security is not just for the professionals or people connected with the IT field. It is the need of every single person who uses mobile phones whether for common use or special purpose. Similarly, children of today are the leaders of tomorrow, and we can’t keep them unaware of the importance of cyber security. So the best platform where they can learn pros and cons of mobile phones and the internet in school. It doesn’t matter if one has set a strong password on his phone and thinks that he is secure now. There are thousands of malign characters who can harm you through different cyber-attacks by sending you an email or asking you to click on the following link to earn some mobile data or spin and win free shopping at a particular store.



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Children are at risk, and it is inevitable to protect them:

Every day, we learn about someone that his/her data has been hacked and then leaked. The obvious reason behind the leakage of data is his/her mobile phone. But we barely think about ourselves that it can happen to us too. If you think it’s not easy that someone will hack your data -pictures, videos, contacts, personal deals, and information related to bank accounts- I assure you it is not that hard too.

Our children use our mobile phones on daily bases, and if not ours, they have their phones where they have stored a large amount of data and can be easily trapped in someone’s net. They can be easily blackmail because they have no idea how to counter such situations. So here comes the role of school in promoting cyber security because it’s a place where children learn and compete with one another in every activity they participate in. But the question is how to indulge students in such activities? Well, the answer is simple. Schools can organize seminars and workshops for their children where the organizer can heir the services of prominent experts in the field of cyber security.

Children learn better at school than at home:

A major part of our findings is based on the role of schools in promoting cyber security. Since it is crystal clear that children spend most of their time at schools and they go there with the intent of learning. It is also obvious that schools are bound to provide an environment to their students in which they can teach children the tactics regarding how to face and how to act in any predicament situation. Cyber threats are among the most hazardous threats, and children can learn about them at school.

Nonetheless, the apathetic behaviour of some schools tells a different story. They are still incognizant of their role, which is an ominous sign not only for the children but for the whole society. So it’s high time schools need to come forward and play their role in promoting cyber security, which will be resulted in the shape of a safe and secure future for our children.


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