Role of Women in Pakistan’s Economy

This blog highlights the “role of women in Pakistan economy. Pakistan, a densely populated country, having a population of 22.65 million, is considered to be the 5th most populous country in the world. By now, the women population in Pakistan is exceeding 11.14 million, which means almost half of Pakistan’s population is consists of women- exactly 49.2%.

The goliath population of women in our country is, by far, capable of bringing a radical change to the wrecked economy of our country, but it didn’t happen. Reasons for the failure are several, but notable among them are the old conservative mindset, patriarchy, and chronicle traditions, which make the situation worse for women. It resulted in the shape of a disaster for the economy of Pakistan. Women in our country have been marginalized, neglected, put aside, and deprived of their basic rights. These practices were common in different parts of Pakistan in the recent past. But the 21st century has been very kind to women as with the many more positive changes, women’s participation in economic activities has become boost with the every passing day. But that blessing is only for urban women because the conditions in the rural areas still lie in a stagnant category.

Current situation of the role of women in Pakistan economy:

The recently published World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Global Gender Gap Report 2021 revealed that Pakistan ranked 153rd out of 156th countries on gender inequality. This revelation is a sign of worry for a country that has a chronicle problem of wrecked economic status. Every economist in the world is advocating a simple prescription to avoid further economic devastation. And that remedy is simple. If you want to boost the gross domestic product (GDP) of your country, all you need to do is to reduce your country’s gender gap.

The women labour force in our country is as same as of men, but still, their participation in economic activities is meagerly 23% of the total anticipated labour force. However, some rays of hope are now looming around, and feminine participation in economic activities is fortifying over time, though with the speed of charcoal.

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Role of women in pakistan to the national economy:

According to the report of the International Labor Organization (ILO), the female workforce in Pakistan has an estimated contribution of 30.14% to the country’s economy. But it doesn’t meet the standards because only 22% to 30% of women are contributing to the economy. The rest of the workforce is still bearing the brunt of customs and patriarchal mindset. Still, they have done a better job as the 2020-21 fiscal year data shows that women contributed 23% to the total GDP of the country. This workforce can thrive and get robust more than its current status because of the available labour force of both sexes; women comprise 52% of the total labour.

Pivotal achievements of women in agriculture/forestry/hunting and fishing: 

Pakistan is an agriculture country, and the agriculture sector plays a prolific role in the economy of the country as it contributes 19% to GDP and uses 42.3% of the overall labour force. The Labor Force Survey Pakistan (LFSP) revealed some interesting facts about women’s participation in economic development, which no one can imagine. They categorically stated that from 2009 to 2015, women’s participation in the agriculture sector reached new heights. According to LFSP, in 2009, the women labour force ratio in agriculture/forestry/hunting and fishing sectors was 74% compared to the male that was 36%. Things slightly got better more in 2010, when the ratio of men and women labour forces in agriculture sector became 35% and 75% respectively. However, in 2013, women’s labour force participation in the aforementioned sectors led the chart with a ratio of 76%, something that never happened before.

Current contribution: 

Women are not confined to agriculture or forestry sectors. They are developing skills and fighting contemporary challenges with zeal and commitment. In some cities like Sialkot and Faisalabad, women are contributing to the sports industry. Their handicraft skills are acknowledged by the whole world, and now they are eying on learning business skills so that they can run their own business rather than working in the industry.

The bottom line of my whole discussion is positive developments are occurring, and women are fully prepared to cope with the current challenges. So why you are looking for an opportunity or miracle to happen. It is not outside. It is knocking at your door. Just go and grab it.


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