Threats and challenges for Pakistan: Hybrid warfare

Threats and challenges for Pakistan: Hybrid warfare- We are in 21st century and wars are no more fought solely through conventional military means. With the development in technology and revolution in political ideologies, the wars have transformed its shape.

Now the world witness ‘Hybrid warfare’ which is the combination of different methods including political, cyber and irregular warfare. This type of warfare is more catastrophic as it creates identity conflicts, exploits the ideology of the enemy state, hurts economy, and causes social problems, sponsors terrorism and much more.

Pakistan is confronting the severe challenges of hybrid warfare. Although we have been successful in encountering extremism and terrorism but we have a long way to go.

We still face number of threats from internal and external forces. These forces have only one aim that is to weaken and break Pakistan. Major threats to Pakistan are from our east neighbor and conventional rival; India.

The use of media to make and shape public opinion is also the method of hybrid war and India has always tried to create uncertainty about Two Nation theory. 65% of the country’s population is youth and India is trying to spread the ideological discontentment among them to destabilize Pakistan.

To celebrate the formation of Bangladesh and victory of 1971 war, India has already launched a comprehensive plan misrepresent the sacrifices of civilians and armed forces of Pakistan in 1971.

India has always tried sabotaging Pakistan’s good image in the past and continues to do it through all means. The fake propaganda through media outlets to create the anti-Pakistan sentiment has always been their part of the plan.

They took every measure to defame Pakistan and put the sovereignty of the Pakistan in danger. Through fake news, India tries to build fake narrative and blame Pakistan for supporting terrorism.

They publish fake stories to mislead the world against us so that we are hit economically and get pushed to the black list of FATF. Pakistan needs to counter all these allegations very wisely and must learn from history. The segregation of East Pakistan was the biggest lesson for our country to learn something from.

We need to be united as nation because our enemy wants to divide and rule us. State should consider the problems of the unprivileged and deprived and should not let them rebel against the state.

Threats and challenges for Pakistan: Hybrid warfare

The state is doing its level best against the war on terror but it needs to push harder to protect the victims. We need to play our individual part as well, to prevent another 1971.

In order to cope up with the enormous challenge like hybrid war, there is a need to develop powerful strategies before the threat situation escalates.

First of all we need to strengthen our economy and solve the economical problems in the country because the security and economy are interlinked.

The disinformation and propaganda through social media is a big challenge and can be encountered by promoting cultural and religious values and by teaching our young generation about two nation theory and clearing the misconceptions through healthy discussions and debates.

A comprehensive narrative building plan needs to be devised against Indian psychological warfare initiatives, which highlights and focuses on the concepts of Two-Nation theory and Pakistaniat. Media has a prime role in encountering this challenge by utilizing its power in promoting national interest agenda rather than spreading chaos.

Regulatory bodies must play an active role and should keep a check on the functioning machinery of media. Our country’s foreign and interior policies must be designed to neutralize the effects of this destructive warfare. We must strengthen our international relations and make efforts to get political and economic help from world powers.

We must strengthen our relations within the country by the equal and fair distribution of resources and by development and reformation of the unprivileged areas.

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Development of unprivileged Pakistanis with equality and non-discrimination should be added to the strategic decisions and planning to fight against the threat like Indian propaganda to defame Pakistan.

Stabilizing the communities and recognizing the forgotten ones within the countries so they are not used in the hands of the enemy, can be the right solution to unify the nation to make it a peaceful place to live.

We need to fill all the loopholes through which our enemy can target us.

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