Why should I join Pakistan Army?

Joining Pakistan Army is the dream of every young person. There are so many reasons why everyone wants to join Pak Army. Here in this article, we are highlighting some of the notable aspects of the Pak Army which will compel you to join this sober organization.

Personal Pride:

Everyone wants to be a part of such an organization that has its prestige. In our country, Pakistan, Army is an organization that carry the legacy of pride, grace, and discipline for decades. Another aspect of pride is that “Khaki” uniform. It’s a uniform worn by hundreds of martyrs and ghazis. Becoming a part of the Pak Army will give you feelings of patriotism and immense love for the nation.

An eventful career in Pak army

The Pak army is an organization full of adventures, discipline, and pride. If you want to enjoy life to the fullest extent, then you need to join Pak Army. I have reasons for this claim. Army’s job is not 8 to 4 or 9 to 5. It is a 24/7 job. By joining the Pak army, you will explore different duty places in your entire career. Your whole career will be full of events. You will become to know how to survive in critical conditions. You will also get to know who to utilize the available resources for a specific purpose. The Pak army teaches you how to overcome every bad situation in life. As I have already mentioned, Pakistan Army is one of the best Army in the world so, you will work with the best in the business and will learn from them.

A secure future in the Pak army:

In Pakistan, no other organization provides as much secure a future to its employees as Pak Army. Once you join the Pak army, your health, your family’s health expenses will be bear by the Pakistan army. Also, your children’s education is the responsibility of the Pak army. It doesn’t matter if you are a soldier or an officer the door of CMH, MH, and Fouji Foundation will always open for you. There you can fully receive the best treatment free of cost. Your children can receive the best education in Fouji Foundation schools. Moreover, you should join Pak Army because it makes you and your family confident about your future. God forbid, if any tragedy or calamity happens to you in the future, the Pak army will be there to support you and your family, whether it is financial vise or any other way.

Compensation and incentives in Pakistan army:

Though the salaries of the Pakistan Army are not as high as other government sectors or private sectors, its services are second to none. Chances are coming for soldiers and officers to go on UN missions. On UN mission, the salaries increase up to 400%. But it depends on your competence. If you are a well-disciplined soldier or officer, you can grab that opportunity. One thing to be noted here is Pak Army rewards the ghazis and wounded personnel of an operation with medals. These medals are not for adorning on the chest only. They have a significant impact on your salary and your career progress.


Pak army is famous for taking care of its employees. Pension is one of the aptitudes that make it notable among other organizations. Once you retire, it starts, and till your death, you will receive it at the end of every month. Your wife can also take it if you die before her. It is also noteworthy that your pension changes over time.

Post-retirement life:

I have seen many soldiers and officers who are retired and still working in different organizations. The reason behind it is there is no concept of retiring at 60 years of age in the Pakistan army. Once your service duration comes to an end, you can retire with grace and honor. Several officers and soldiers retire in the 40s and then serve in other organizations at different posts. It is best for them because they enjoy the benefits of the Pak army and the con-current organization at the same time.


Nonetheless, if you think you will not survive the brunt of the Pak army because it is too disciple. And you are superstitious about the aftermath of joining the Pakistan army or whatever may be the case. I will recommend you to think out of the box. Everyone deems that Pak Army is all about physical health and weak people cannot survive there.

If you are thinking the same as others, then it is your misconception. It is a fact that you need to be physically fit for the Pak army. The criteria for joining is only fit physically, not strong. They will make you strong through training and drills. It’s the training that makes the strong out of the weak, and the Pak army is famous for its academic training. They work on building your mental strength. And it is the positivity of the mind that makes a strong soldier.

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