Not everyone is born with a silver spoon. An honorable job is a dream of everyone. We are living in a decade where the devastating effects of covid-19 have brought numerous difficulties to us. Covid-19 hit the hard youth segment of the society also. Besides all the problems, unemployment is a sign of worry for youth. So in this chaotic environment, recently announced KPPSC 2021 Jobs serve like a breath of fresh air.


The Khyber Pukhtunkhwa Public Service Commission (KPPSC) is established under the Article of 1973 Constitution of Pakistan and is functional in KPK, then NWFP, under the Khyber Pukhtunkhwa Ordinance 1978. The role of KPPSC is to conduct exams for the civil services of the province. Its duty is to conduct tests and then recruit successful candidates for the given institute. Free and fair recruitment is the responsibility of KPPSC, and they are fortunately abiding by their motive.

Importance of KPPSC jobs


KPPSC is like a backbone to the administrative and civil services of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa. It recruits competent aspirants through a proper channel in connection with affairs of the province in basic pay scales (BPS) 16 and above. It also conducts tests and then selects candidates in basic pay scales 11 to 15 in certain departments of the Provincial Government.

Apart from recruitment, KPPSC also advises Governor on various matters. Matters relating to qualification for a specific post and then procedures and methods for recruitment also come under the jurisdiction of KPPSC on which it advises the Governor. Aside from that, promotion to post in BPS 17 and above is also done with the mutual consensus of KPPSC and the Governor.


Everyone in the world wants a successful, safe, and bright future. Human, by nature loves wealth, power, and grace, but it is quite rare where you can get these attributes because of a lack of opportunities and personal wellness. However, if you are competitive enough, then this opportunity is for you as KPK Government has announced KPPSC jobs 2021. KPPSC 2021 contain several types of posts. For the bright segment of youth, there is an opportunity to join administrative services through competitive exams where one can get the aforementioned three attributes, which lead to a happy and successful life.

If you are an educationalist, then your hard work will bear fruits. You can join the public sector of education as a subject specialist through KPPSC Jobs 2021. Nonetheless, the list does not end here. Independent Monitoring Unit (IMU), under the umbrella of KPPSC 2021 Jobs, gives you an easy way to become a monitoring officer in the educational and health sector. It is an honorable job with a handsome package and appropriate authority.


As we have discussed earlier that KPPSC is keen to provide creme jobs to the citizens of KPK, so the duties and responsibilities of their employees will also be second to none. Holding the office of a public servant is not an easy job, and employees of KPPSC are aware of that. Dealing with the public as part of Provincial Management Services or becoming a Monitoring Officer and then raiding the schools or hospitals is an arduous job, but you have to prepare yourself well for all such unwanted scenarios.



KPPSC Jobs 2021 can be found through different platforms. There are many ways where you can get to inform yourself in time. Top of the list is the official website of KPPSC, but due to the busy server of the KPPSC website, sometimes there may be any inconvenience. So we have left with the option of pakistanjobz.pk. This site has set a precedent for others to follow. Every new job publishes by the government irrespective of the department, Pakistanjobz. Pk uploads their advertisement in a blink of an eye. So I can suggest to all internet users that this site is best for finding government jobs especially related to KPPSC JOBS.

Next in the line is a newspaper and social media. People are a pariah to the newspaper and prefer some quick ways to get information related to jobs announcement. On the other side, frequent use of social media is normal nowadays. It is obvious that different groups and pages on Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp are serving as the information provider to the applicants, but sometimes we face bogus and fake advertisement of concern posts which left people in ambiguity, so the trust in social media is not as strong as compare to newspaper or authentic websites like www.Pakistanjobz.pk or the official website of KPPSC.

The bottom line of our whole discussion is it is an opportunity for fresh graduates as well as for those who are seeking a bright future. KPPSC is the right path to get success in the future.


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